Been an eventful ride…RSC throwing in the towel!

throwing in

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Breaking News STMA

stma soccer



St MICHAEL-ALBERTVILLE, M.N. – STMA Utd Soccer Club (STMA) announced today the news that they have agreed with the City of Albertville to lease a city building for soccer use.It has been no secret STMA has been actively seeking a space. STMA has never given up on the hope to secure its own area to provide year round soccer opportunities for the STMA player. It has been a long journey that has found its conclusion.The building will be located at 5964 Main St NE in the heart of Albertville. Location has played an important factor in pursuing this site. It is conveniently located near restaurants, Coborn’s and the freeway. The site is easily accessible for all STMA families. There is not the need to seek out turfed areas in other communities, saving time and money for the STMA parent.

The STMA Training Facility will have the following amenities:

• 3,000 sq. ft. (approx.) indoor turf soccer training area
• Office space
• Multi-purpose common area
• Storage space
• Player “mud” room area

The additional amenities will enable STMA to provide premier service to its members to enhance the year round soccer experience for its players.

STMA President, Charlie Estep who has guided the board through this project stated “Since our strategic meeting in January, where we as a board established our 1-5 year goals. It was evident that improving the winter soccer training opportunities was clear. The need to offer consistent year round opportunities is in line with the clubs mission statement. We are thankful for the City of Albertville for working with us as we navigated this project”.

Roger Derham, STMA Director of Coaching, added: “I am overjoyed with this news. The winter of 2012 was difficult to say the least. Sadly, we could only supply 3 hours of gym time this winter for our travel teams. Next year each travel team will be have 30-40 hours of indoor turf training. By being housed in one location it will enable me to be at the majority of the sessions to facilitate and/or observe each player. This for me is truly an exciting prospect. By having access to this facility will only elevate the level of play in all STMA players”.

STMA has routinely taken the initiative and time to listen to its membership. Tom Dawson, STMA Director of Operations said: “this project has been quite a challenge, as it will change the way in which we do things. The Training Facility will help stream line what we do behind the scenes. The infrastructure of the club will have to be modified to ensure that we are still offering the high level of customer stratification that one has come to expect from STMA.” Dawson added, “We will be hosting an informational meeting that is open to all to learn more about the facility”.

STMA Training Facility – Informational Meeting
Monday June 10th – 7pm
Middle School West Lecture Hall

STMA includes approximately 1,200 registered youth soccer players, making up nearly 120 teams (90 recreational team and 30 travel teams), totalling 4,000 players, coaches, officials, parents, volunteers and supporters.

STMA is incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit. The mission of STMA is to promote the game of soccer for all youth in St. Michael, Albertville and surrounding areas. We promote the importance of education, self-esteem, diversity and teamwork in a safe, fun environment, allowing players to develop to their fullest potential in soccer and in life.

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Project On-Hold

“With the addition of the Bertram Park project in Monticello, our progress seems to be traveling down I94 to more supportive communities!”

On HoldSee Below:

“Bertram is an important site for the soccer club and all of wright county.
As many of you know the City of Monticello is planning on building a Sports complex at the Bertram Chain of Lakes site. This is a very much needed facility for the advancement of soccer in Monticello. There is a meeting tonight at 6 pm that will discuss the park and details around the development of the park. The soccer club STRONGLY supports this park and would like to have some of its members there to show support for the park. We are sure there will be attendance by those that dont support the county and cities efforts at developing this park, so we would like to make sure there are people there that also support the park. Below are the details of the meeting. We know everyone is extremely busy but if you are able to take an hour or so out of your busy schedule to attend and show support for the park the soccer club would greatly appreciate it. Please email me at if you can attend, the more that attend the better the chance that this park development will continue.
Meeting details:
Wright County Park Board to Discuss Bertram Park on May 13th

On Monday, May 13th at 6:00 PM, the Wright County Park Board will be reviewing the costs, development plans and public input process for the Bertram Chain of Lakes Regional Park.

This is an important meeting for the park, as it is an oportunity to respond to questions from the community on the costs and timeline associated with the park.

Friends can show their continued support for the park by attending the meeting. A positive showing by the Friends will make a big statement.

6:00 PM
Wright County Goernment Center, Board Room

At least our kids have a new hang-out spot…

gm guns1 gm guns2 gm guns3 gm guns4

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Letters like these always remind me why I am doing this:)


Thank you for taking my call. I can tell how much you care. It’s great . . .
I have often said to my husband [also named] Rick, “I wish I were rich because I would build a facility [here on our acreage in Corcoran] where our boys’ [Special Olympics] basketball teams could practice –and it would be closed on Sunday mornings!”
[I say that because my boys have to miss Sunday school most of the time during basketball season because they get use of the gyms on Sunday mornings].
Occasionally the boys get lined up for evening practices at the school, only to find somehow their space was double-booked and they needed to defer to the other teams.
Of course, I know I’m dreaming when I have said this to Rick, but I would always add, “It would be just for kids with special needs . . . and homeschool basketball teams [like our neighbors' five boys, who are barred from use of the public school gyms and go quite a ways to find a place to practice]. I look forward to the day of your success! There are a lot of parents and kids out there waiting for people who to give them just the hand up that they need. :-)
Kay Emery
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Field of Dreams

large oll“I saw the map on the Facebook page for Great River Sports Centre. That’s my dream spot for a Little League park, too. What a great location!”

Aaron Cavanaugh
Otsego Little League


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Minnesota Swarm Youth Box Lacrosse setting up for the RSC

“I think a new sports center out that way would be great!  As you may know, we are currently running a Youth Box Lacrosse League with over 900 kids participating, and this could be a good location for us to host some games…Let me know how we can help in moving your project forward.”

 Matt McCormack,

Director of Marketing

Minnesota Swarm

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If you are training in our area…this is what it looks like.

How far are you driving to get out of the snow and get in some some much needed soccer touches? If you are training in our area…this is what it looks like. How can we compete?winter soccer

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“The Edge”

the edge

teen center





“The Edge” Teen Center could offer supervised drop-in recreation to any local teen during our daily operational hours. Drop-in activities could include the use of our game room featuring pool tables, ping pong tables, foosball, arcade games, Big Screen Plasma TV with movie nights or video gaming. Teens could just meet and socialize. Vending machines would provide beverages and snacks. There could be Sponsored Open Gym, Challenge Wall and Bating Cages times.   We could also offer a computer lab open and staffed by a volunteer during designated hours.

Let’ Hear Your Ideas!!!

.teen center games

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TOPSoccer: The Outreach Program for Soccer

TOPSoccer is a community-based soccer program that is designed to meet the needs of people ages eight and older with physical and/or mental disabilities including but not limited to: A.D.D., Autism, Deaf or Hard of Hearing, Blind, Cerebral Palsy, Traumatic Brain Injury, Cystic Fibrosis, Down Syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Seizure Disorder and Spinal bifida. The program is geared toward player development rather than to competition. Athletes are placed on teams according to ability NOT by age. If you have a question about your athlete and whether this program fits their needs, contact the NW site coordinator Nan Martin at 763-300-2307 or email at

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Have you been outside lately?

It is cold out there. This is Minnesota. In order to compete we need an indoor, year-round Basketball, Lacrosse, Soccer, Baseball and Volleyball training and playing facility.


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Bye Stars…Hello Minnesota United FC


united1stWe have a new logo, name and a couple fresh signings!


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Thanks Fantastic Sams, Rogers


We have looked at what you have included and like what you are doing for the youth and the information provided on the site.  Our Fantastic Sams Salon in Rogers supports this…contact me for future activities.

Thanks John Rauenhorst

Fantastic Sams Rogers

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The MN Axmen!!!!!

AXMEN_LOGO_FullColor_Final_largeClick Here To Register

(Tell them that the Rogers Sports Center sent you!)

The MN Axmen team was founded in 2013 by Tom Dawson and Roger Derham as a way for players to continue playing the game of soccer into adulthood.

The Axmen team will play in the Minnesota Recreational Soccer League (MRSL) and is open to all male players ages 18+.


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